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Media Box, Making Tv Smarter.

We all are very familiar with the internet.

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Making Tv Smarter.

We all are very familiar with the internet. This is used for many purposes... Learn More
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Picking A Media Box

Finding a perfect media player is very important. Some of these units... Learn More
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Installation Process.

Once the right media box is purchased it is very easy to install it. Check the TV... Learn More

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Once the right media box is purchased it is very easy to install it...

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Media Box, Making Tv Smarter

We all are very familiar with the internet. This is used for many purposes but the Internet is broadly used for streaming live videos, watching movies, making video calls and many other things. Till now we all knew how to stream or watch videos on our computers, laptops, and mobiles but how would you feel to know that now you can stream movies and all these videos on the TV. This new technology can be applied to a TV by purchasing media boxes available in the market.

Buying a media box can be tricky because we need to understand whether we want to completely change our TVs to cable fewer TVs or just watch our favorite movies as and when necessary. A great many people initially acclaimed watching videos on the computer screens through web browsers, but not everyone was a big fan of watching hit movies on the computer screen as it did not give the effect they were looking for. Everyone wants to watch on big screen TV in the living room with home theatre.

Most of the time it so happens that you cannot connect your computer to your TV, this problem is answered in 3 words; Streaming Media Player. There are many media boxes available in the market. Some of the companies that produce these are Roku, Western Digital, and many more. These media boxes easily connect to the home Wi-Fi connection to your big screen TV and the music system to enable you to stream from Amazon, Netflix, Hulu. What can be better than watching your favorite movies stream on your TV?

A troublesome innovation. This is what shook up industries are calling it, the industries I am referring to here are cable and satellite companies. Regardless of which cable connection we had, we had to watch whatever was available on the limited channels and often wondered even though there were many channels none of them played what we wanted to watch.

That was in the past and now this is present, which is something which is giving us an opportunity to rephrase and say even though there are so many channels, we can still watch whatever we want. This is where we talk about getting smart TV box or otherwise also known as Android TV box into our lives. Watching TV is going to become as exciting as going to watch a movie to the theatres.

Envision of having the TV or music system at the tip of your fingers. With the world of broadband improving day by day you can watch whatever you want, whenever you need without being constrained only to the remote control. You can also utilize smart TV box to transform your TV into a screen where you can browse, shop online, check your emails, send emails, watch your favorite music video on YouTube.

Picking A Media Box

Finding a perfect media player is very important. Some of these units are manufactured by electronics company, some by network providers, and others by computer manufacturing companies. One is better than the other which has different controllers, displays and all come with different price ranges. Having said this selecting which media box, you require depends upon the functions you want it to perform. Let's let us understand these.

  • The streaming box that provides us with services that we want. These are available in the box in the form of a gadget, an app or joystick. As per your requirement select the media box.
  • Knowing the compatibility of the android box is also important. If you are willing to watch videos or music from your computer system it must support WMA or WMV files.
  • The graphical user interface also matters because we have to see the screen every day. See the screenshots given while shopping online to see how the display looks. Try to play around with different media box to select which UI is suitable for you before you buy it.
  • Most of the media boxes support HDMI which is easy to connect, just connect the HDMI cable provided with your media box to your TV’s AV receiver.
  • All these media player boxes are connected to your home network. You can either connect them with ethernet which requires wired connection or with a wireless connection that is Wi-Fi. Majority of times Wi-Fi is preferred as there is no hassle of wires running through.
  • Last but not the least the prices. The higher the functional requirements the more price we need to pay.

Installation Process.

Once the right media box is purchased it is very easy to install it. Check the TV for an HDMI slot. The media box has HDMI cable included in it, just connect one end to HDMI slot and the other to the device. Once the connection is set, go to the HDMI setting of your TV and then switch on the smart TV box and go to settings and establish a connection through ethernet or wi-fi

You can also check the following website for android tv box setup

Points To Remember While Buying Online

  • Check far latest updated version for software. Ever though they claim they have latest software, some features and not up to date.
  • Since China has limited access, be sure to know all the necessary channels are available to be accessed.
  • To have backup make sure to ask the seller whether they can keep the box up to date by Over the Air updates, or we must do it ourselves as and when necessary.
  • Since there are many cloned media boxes out in market as well, be very careful to buy the genuine one and are approved by standard companies for example, Europe it is CE and for USA it is FCC.
  • There are many companies with great fancy names, but when we check the specifications, there is not much information. Make sure to check specifications without fail, and not get fooled by the fancy name it has as the chips and processors keep changing, and so does the RAM. A 2GB RAM is a must. Storage is not of much importance if you are using the box only for streaming from the Internet.

On the off chance, it is better to place your router closer to your TV so that it is easy to connect through Ethernet as it is wired connection. On the other hand, if there is no switch closer by then you can always make use of the wireless connection. If the wi-fi modem is too far from TV we need to make use of boosters to increase the strength of the wi-fi connection.


Most of the media boxes operate without having satellite connection or cable connection because it makes use of the broadband connection that you have at home. You can access contents that are not available on your TV broadcast dishes. Other TVs offer both broadband and cable connection. This means we can access our regular programs broadcasted by our cable provider and also use broadband for streaming from the internet. There are also few TVs that allow you to broadcast channels through broadband. There some media box that stream ultra HD resolution quality of videos but for this, you need a very fast broadband connection. Some purchased video streaming apps can also be played on this. There are few other boxes that allow you to watch 4K resolution channels including sports news channels and many movie channels that can be downloaded using the internet. Media boxes also come with microphone, through which you can say the program you want and it will be displayed on your TV screen. Some tv media box provide more than 1440 channels that can be watched by just downloading an app that belongs that channel, even some which are not available on any other device. There is also one option where you can stream videos and songs from certain android mobile phones and tablet directly on the TV. When we stream videos from the internet we often see that many ads pop up, this will not happen when videos are streaming through media box. We can watch our favourite movies without any interruption. We can also watch videos on demand, which means we can demand our favorite video and stream them which is unlimited. Watching news live is what everyone always wants, with this box its right at the tip of our fingers. If we miss, there is also an option for on-demand video clips from the latest news. Lastly, music and radio. You can listen to your favorite music by adding them to your playlist and play endless music for your weekend parties or a weekend where you want to relax with your feet up on the table. You can choose either from the endless list of songs from the internet or from number radio channels. There is something for everyone and every kind of mood.